Friday, July 24, 2009

Now On Sale!

I’m extremely pleased to report that Triangulation: Dark Glass, featuring my horror science fiction short story “Imaginal Friend,” is now on sale at

“Imaginal Friend” is about a group of colonists on an extinct alien world finding out that its former inhabitants don’t like trespassers — and can do something about it, a thousand years after destroying themselves.

Triangulation is the latest of a series of similarly named anthologies put out by PARSEC, Pittsburgh’s literary speculative fiction fan club. As such it’s been a bit of a sleeper in the past — no offense to previous editors, it was always good. But editor Pete Butler and crew have, in the last couple of years, kicked it up to a new league, putting it on the map nationally. I’m looking forward to reading the other stories; I’m also looking forward to the publication party tonight at Confluence, PARSEC’s annual convention.

Truth be told — I want to say this diplomatically — they did well enough that this particular rat wanted to jump onto the ship, and submitted for the first time this year. Can’t tell you how delighted I was that they took “Imaginal Friend,” which is one of my own favorites.

Look for my regular post — on the mysterious vomeronasal organ, and a newly discovered function for it — in the next couple of days. And if you’re anywhere near the Pittsburgh area, consider coming out to Confluence; I’ll see yinz there!


Tony said...

Sounds like a good story. Not sure if I picked up the right scent, but your description sounds similar to plot devices in the Tommyknockers, Contact and the P K Dick story "We can remember it for you wholesale"; advanced civilization leaves ticking time bomb for other civilizations that could threaten it once they become advanced enough. Not implying anything improper at all, mind you - I have just always thought the 'booby trap' concept was a neat one. Am I wide of the mark, or are those elements in the story? I will check it out sometime. Thanks very much!

Heather Houlahan said...

Hey guys, spring for the Dead Tree version.

Beautiful cover art, and a well-made little book.

Ken Chiacchia said...


No offense taken -- really there aren't any new ideas, it's all about what you do with the idea you're working with right now. Another way of putting it: I have a pretty low opinion of the practice of putting together lists of tropes that are too tired to be used, the so-called "cliche" lists. In the right writer's hand, *anything* is fair game. It's all about pulling it off.

Having said all that, while I wouldn't argue against any of your comparisons (they're apt enough), what *I* think of is Pohl's Gateway series -- humanity picking at the remains of an advanced civilization, all the while not really understanding much about the Heechee who created it. I just asked the question, "What if the Heechee were mean as all hell?"

Like Heather said, check it out, and the hardcopy version is nicely done.


Chris Gerrib said...

I just finished the dead-tree version today. Very "interesting" concept - nice job!